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Katherine Ross: Amazon seems to have found its own Kylie Jenner. It announced that Lady Gaga will be releasing her own celebrity makeup line during its prime day 2019. Gaga's new makeup line Haus Laboratories won't actually be launching until the fall of 2019, but prime members get exclusive access to preorder the products during the July 15th to 16th sale. But that isn't the only celebrity twist that Amazon has up its sleeve. It also held a prime concert that had performers that included Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa. And prime members get access to a slew of other celebrity products from names such as Kristen Bell, Mark Walberg, and Koby Bryant. All of these celebrities will be showing off their new products and exclusive deals during prime day. Curious what they're offering. Well, Kristen Bell has snack bars called This Bar Saves Lives, which will be 20% off during the event. Jojo Siwa, a Nickelodeon star will be launching over 20 products that will be exclusive for prime members. And Mark Wahlberg's performance inspired brand products will be up to 20% off. And you can also get 20% off of Koby Bryant's Art of sport Brand. Zac Brown's newest Demer box, a portable Bluetooth speaker called DB2 will be available for $279. And Jaden and Will Smith's Just Water brand will be available for around 25% off. And you can get deals from celebrities such as Marshmallow who has a fun marshmallow launch as well as Rhett and Link. With this celebrity twist on an event that is already outpacing the sales that Amazon makes on black Friday and cyber Monday with over a hundred million products purchased during Amazon's 2018 prime day, Cowen analysts expect this prime day to be an even bigger event. In a note released about Prime Day, they give 4 reasons for this belief. The first should be obvious. This sale has been extended to run for 48 hours. Then there's the sales on Amazon's top brands. Prime Day's inventory will be made up of over 1 million deals. The third reason is delivery speed free. One day shipping is available to large amount of products and then of course the celebrity presence is an added bonus. But is taking a cue from Instagram going to put prime day over the top. We're looking to you Lady Gaga.

Amazon Prime Day is finally here!

The sale--which has proven in the past to be an even bigger deal for Amazon than Black Friday or Cyber Monday--takes place today, Monday, July 15 and Tuesday, July 16. 

Yeah, you read that right. 

The sale this year extends for two days. 

But that's not the only new addition to the sale.

Amazon (AMZN - Get Report) built out the Prime festivities by hosting a concert in honor of Prime Day. Artists such as Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa were some of the biggest performers. 

But they aren't the only celebrities making appearances during the two-day sale. 

Kristen Bell, Kobe Bryant, Hilary Duff, Mark Wahlberg, and Jaden Smith are just some of the celebrities that have Prime deals.

Cowen released a note on July 10 detailing what they expect from Amazon after Prime Day 2019. 

They listed four reasons that they believe that Prime Day 2019 will generate the most revenue since its inception back in 2015. 

They include:

  • Longer duration.
  • More sales on top brands. 
  • Delivery speed. 
  • Exclusive deals.

Curious about what Prime deals different celebs have? Watch the video to learn more. 

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