Skip the Checkout Line With Amazon's New High-Tech Grocery Carts

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On Tuesday, Amazon  (AMZN) - Get, Inc. Report announced its new Dash Carts—built with cameras and a highly-sensitive scale—that are able to track and tally grocery items in real-time as shoppers add or remove them from the cart. The carts are being introduced at Amazon's Woodland Hills, California grocery store, which will open later in 2020.

Amazon says the carts work best for small- or mid-sized shopping trips, and that the technology enables customers to leave the store without ever swiping a credit card or waiting in line. A receipt is sent to the customer's email account, and the payment is processed using the credit card on the customer's Amazon account.

For fresh items, like vegetables or fruits, customers type in a four-digit code on the cart’s display, and then the smart cart figures out the pricing. The carts fit about two grocery bag's worth of items. Carts also have a coupon scanner.

Amazon has been toying with cashier-less shopping experiences for a few years

In February, it opened its first full-size, cashier-less grocery store in Seattle, expanding the technology in its Amazon Go shops, which are more like convenience stores.

The 10,400-square-foot “Amazon Go Grocery” store uses cameras and sensors to detect which products customers pick off the shelves, allowing shoppers to pay for groceries without the help of a cashier.

There are currently 26 Amazon Go stores located in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City.

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