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Amazon Affects How the Fashion World Does Business -- Designer Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has partnered up with rapper Jason Derulo on his cool clothing line.

Antonio Brown may not be a household name in the fashion world yet, but his association with rapper-songwriter-dancer Jason Derulo may start to change that.

Brown, who splits his time between New York and Atlanta (his hometown), showcased his new work at Bloomingdale's (owned by Macy's Inc. (M) ) in New York City at an event to launch his new clothing line coined LVL XIII, of which the singer, who attended, is a spokesman. 

One piece is his collection—dominated by black, white and gray solids and a camouflage pattern—is a jacket that can be converted into a backpack.

Brown also discussed his interest in Wall Street and what advice he has for TheStreet's cofounder Jim Cramer, who his fashion icon is, how Fashion Week has changed and what it accomplishes, and who buys his clothes. Hint: they are men who earn at least $100,000 a year and come from all professions.

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