Are You Ready for 2019? Here Are Some Alternative Investments to Consider

Curious about other ways to invest in this economy?
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Real estate is a valuable investment for people who are spooked by a volatile stock market. 

Tom Intrator, CEO of Vessti, had some advice for millennials who are looking for another way to invest their money. 

TheStreet's Steve Fiorillo broke down how investors can invest in real estate.

Is real estate a good investment today? As with any potential investment, doing thorough research and examining all your options is crucial. One of the causes of the subprime mortgage crisis was predatory loan companies taking advantage of vulnerable homebuyers.

For many of the methods of investing in real estate, you'll need to have money saved. That's especially true if you are going to buy actual property.

If you have that money ready, buying property is the most direct and hands-on way to invest in real estate. But purchasing a house involves quite a bit more than simply holding onto it.

Fiorillo has seven ways to invest in real estate by buying property. 

  • Flipping a house
  • Rent-to-own homes
  • Buying rental homes
  • Purchasing vacation property
  • Use apps like Airbnb
  • Purchase commercial property