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Alpha Rising: Victoria Schein, Ford Engineer, Making History One Patent at a Time

Victoria Schein is 23 and has accomplishing more than most of us already. Watch her story and get inspired.

So what were you doing at 23?

At 23, Ford ( (F) ) research engineer Victoria Schein has at least 15 patents under her belt. If that's not Alpha Rising, I don't know what is. She's creating things that don't exist and "making history, one patent at a time," she says. 

Ford is supporting young women like Schein and taking an active role in promoting STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) programs that encourage high school kids around the country. It even supports Robotics teams for grades K-12.

"We need more girls in STEM and STEAM," says Schein. "It's cool to code."

Sure is. Ford also is involved with Girls Who Code, an organization that encourages girls to love and learn technology and is 40,000 girls strong.

Schein is the future.  And you will continue to hear her name. She is our #AlphaRising and we're hoping she brings a lot of young girls with her.

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