How a Local YWCA Created a Top UBS Financial Advisor

Kathy Entwistle, a SVP in UBS' private wealth group, talked to us about sustainable investing and how teaching at a local YWCA helped create her career.
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Thankfully the conversation today has turned toward saving Mother Earth and doing good while we are here, on borrowed time.

And while it's important to save our trees and eliminate pollution, it also is imperative that we holding companies responsible for diversification and inclusion within their corporate walls.

Even better, studies have shown that investing in companies that "do good" can actually make you money and is why social impact and sustainable investing is top of mind, for the wealthy and millennials especially, according to UBS (UBS) - Get Report in their recent Investor Watch.

And while only 12% of US portfolios are invested in sustainable investments, UBS expects that number to increase to 58% over the next five years.

So now may be a good time to get in, says Kathy Entwistle, SVP in UBS' private wealth group. 

Entwistle came to talk to Alpha Rising about more about sustainable investing and told us how "doing good" got her into the financial advisory business.

And she must be doing something "good," because she now manages $350 million and was named by Forbes as one of the Top 200 women advisors in country.

Watch now as she tells us her story.