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Alpha Rising: Meet The Children's Place CEO Jane Elfers

The Children's Place CEO Jane Elfers has been handed a slew of unwanted jobs at broken companies and successfully turned them around. She is the epitome of Alpha Rising.

Elfers has been CEO at The Children's Place (PLCE) since 2010.

Since then, she has replaced the management team, sometimes more than once, and helped to institute what she calls "self-help" systems and fleet optimization policies that have taken the company from a sleeper brick-and-mortar children's clothing store to a digital-first leader in specialty retail.

The stock is up around 130% since she took office and 45% alone during fiscal year 2016. The S&P 500 was only up 18% during the equivalent period. Just sayin.'

The company barely has any debt. And she recently increased the dividend a whopping 20 cents.

Oh and want to know how she's competing with Amazon? She's not. She just joined them instead.

But this is what she does. Hand her a challenge and watch her fix it.

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