Alpha Rising: Go Behind the Scenes and Watch How it All Started!

Come behind the scenes with Alpha Rising and learn how the idea germinated and why we are so passionate about it!
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Alpha Rising is a long-time passion project for Julie Iannuzzi, VP Video and Multimedia Strategy and me.

But this in-depth video series is not just about highlighting the rockstar women that are making history on Wall Street. 

It's more about making sure everyone, especially the next generation of female leaders, realizes just how hard it was for today's leaders to get to the top.

Because it has, by no means, been easy.  For instance:

  • Deepa Purushothamam, Deloitte's national managing principal of inclusion, told us that she often was asked to get coffee for the others in her boardroom meetings because no one could fathom that an Indian woman could possibly be partner.
  • Louise Gunderson, a UBS (UBS) - Get Report financial advisor with a whopping $800 million in assets under management, told us she had to walk through the side door at certain private clubs back when she first started working because women weren't allowed through the front door.

Thankfully, we have come a long way. And while it may have taken 226 years to see one of our own rise to the top at the New York Stock Exchange (ICE) - Get Report , we are still standing on our desks, applauding Stacey Cunningham.

So watch the video above to get a better sense of the dedication and excitement we have for #AlphaRising.

And we faithfully will continue to tell the stories of the amazing women who #AlphaInspire.