10 Luxury Yachts That Will Give You Yacht Envy

Interest in sailing the high seas like Richard Branson?
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Wannabe Yachties listen up! We know you have aspirations of sailing the high seas on a luxury yacht. It's just that your current cash flow preventing you from leading your true life.  

For a little motivation, let's just dream about some of our must haves if we were to actually buy a yacht. Well, it must be an impressive cruiser-sized yacht, with a mere price tag of $200 million or more. You want to look like a celebrity even though the closest you ever got to one was standing in line at Shake Shack in New York City.  It must have outrageous features like a spa, massage center, disco lounge, a glass-enclosed sky lounge and, of course, a VIP stateroom. 

Until you can cough up the cash to buy your own yacht, why don't you sit back and enjoy these outrageously luxurious yachts!

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