Al Roker on Olympic Delay, Taking Pandemic 'One Day at a Time'

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Remember when the rumors started to float that there may be no Olympics this year? And that sinking feeling we collectively got as we realized that the coronavirus pandemic was going to strip us not only of yet another sporting event but also an event that brought the entire world together--even in times of turmoil--wasn't going to happen right as the world was playing the blame game over a virus that forced many countries into a lockdown?

That was just a few months ago. 

Since we heard from the International Olympic Committee about the fate of the Olympics, we've gone through a couple of holidays and seen event after event taken virtual, postponed or cancelled outright. 

But there is hope. The NBA is back thanks to the bubble, and so is the MLB after a couple of hiccups. Many, including TheStreet's own Jim Cramer are optimistic enough that the return of sports can be sustained.

Al Roker, weather and feature anchor, TODAY and co-host, 3 Hour of TODAY, joined TheStreet to talk about what it was like to hear about the cancellation of the Olympics--of which he's a staple at--and his thoughts on other event cancellations.

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