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More Than a Zoom Call - Al Roker Explains How Coronavirus Changed Media Industry

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that we all operate and live our lives. 

Al Roker, Weather and feature anchor of TODAY and co-host, 3rd Hour of TODAY, joined TheStreet's Katherine Ross to talk about his new book "You Look So Much Better in Person" and his TV special Life Aid: A Story of Hope. He also discussed what it's been like to be in broadcast during a global pandemic and his advice for the younger generation.

And, in case you didn't know, Roker is the CEO of Al Roker Entertainment, which is a media company that's been around and producing projects since 1994. 

And what about the pandemic's impact on the world?

Roker says that he's not sure that people will be traveling in the same way that they used to. 

He said people are more likely to think, "Do I need to make that five or three-hour plane ride for a three-hour meeting or can I in fact do this remotely? I think people will be looking at what they need to actually get in some sort of transportation so I'm hoping people's carbon footprints are lessened."

From a journalistic perspective, Roker thinks that this will lead to questions about which stories need to be shot in person and which stories can be done remotely?

Watch the full video above to hear his full take on the changing media landscape. 

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