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How This Cannabis Software Company Became a First of Its Kind

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Marijuana software company Akern is a first in many ways.

It's the first female-led cannabis company to trade on the Nasdaq and it's the first marijuana company to track the product from seed to sale.

CEO Jessica Billingsley told TheStreet in an exclusive video Webinar that "this is [just] the beginning."

Akerna KERN is up more than 100% since beginning trading in its current form Tuesday, June 17th.

Billingsley sat down with TheStreet's cannabis columnist Debra Borchardt and discussed an array of topics.

  • Akerna Expects to Buy Up Other Companies. "We announced previously that we've engaged Cowen as our M&A banker, so we're excited to work with them on helping us identify and work with some targets," she said.
  • KERN Could Eventually Move Beyond Cannabis. Billingsley said that while Akerna is "laser-focused on cannabis for now ... beyond that, I would like to see our value provided to other industries [in] consumer packaged goods."
  • The Future Looks Bright. The CEO expects Akerna's software to only grow in importance as the cannabis industry moves from its current "exploding emerging-market" phase into a more-established business model. "In the next phase, we're going to begin to see more and more focus on efficiency and business fundamentals -- and part of that is looking at your data," Billingsley said.

Watch the clip above to learn how Akerna is changing the industry with it's marijuana tracking technology.

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