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- What a lot of people don't really realize is that, when this seed goes into its little grow pod, it gets a barcode, and it is followed from a little seedling, to a plant, to a bigger plant, until all of the sudden it is now on the shelf, and that's unique in just about, I don't know any other industry that does that type of tracking.

- Absolutely. It is a precedent-setting level of transparency and accountability for a consumer packaged-goods supply chain. And ultimately it will be adapted, I believe, outside of the cannabis industry. I've certainly been asked to consult on other industries, and had the opportunity to participate in other industries, but cannabis, as you know, is a rapidly exploding and growing industry, and we're staying laser-focused on cannabis for now.

- Right. So a lot of people look at different software applications, and that's what they immediately want to see, is how can this be used for another product? Right now you guys are very successful with cannabis, but, so you said you've kind of identified some other applications.

- Let's take just the most recent recall scare that we've had that I can think of here in the US. Do you remember just a couple months ago we couldn't eat Romaine lettuce?

- It was terrible! It was like the Romaine scare of America!

- Exactly! So if that had been cannabis, we could have told you where every package of cannabis was, if it had been sold, on what day, to whom, from what location. And that's an unprecedented level of accountability that will ultimately be adapted outside of the cannabis industry.

Let's face it.

When you think tech or big data - you naturally think about companies like Google (GOOG - Get Report) , Facebook (FB - Get Report)  or even Slack (which is IPO'ing Thursday, June 20th). 

But, in today's ever changing world, tech is also important in the cannabis industry.

Akerna KERN started trading on the Nasdaq this week. This software company was created in response to strict state regulations around the cultivation and sale of cannabis. Among other things, it provides compliance software to the cannabis industry and regulators. 

That's a first.

And here's another one, the CEO is the first female-led cannabis company to trade on the Nasdaq.

The CEO, Jessica Billingsley, joins TheStreet for a Free Webinar. Watch the sneak peak above.

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