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After Such a Volatile Week, Investors Should Look at These Stocks

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Folks, we made it. And it's safe to say that this has not been an easy week to watch the markets. 

So, now that we've made it through this week, let's take a look at next week. 

Real Money's Stephen Guilfoyle talked to TheStreet about how investors should prepare themselves when the market opens next week. 

Guilfoyle explained that it's natural for investors to have dry powder after stocks in their portfolio's hit their panic points during the selloff earlier this week. 

"My scope is narrow. I am starting to maybe put out a little bit more cash, maybe, maybe allocate a little differently, but only in places where I know money has to go. As far as the government goes, you know, they have to spend on defense. That's always been a favorite of mine. I still like Lockheed (LMT) . I still like Mercury (MRCY) . I like Northrop (NOC) . I'm not in it right now, but I like it. As far as corporate America goes, they have to spend on cybersecurity. There are no ifs, ands or buts. We're not going back to typewriters, we're not going back to writing on pads, we're not going back to file cabinets. I like Zscaler (ZS) there and I'm taking advantage of this discount in Cisco (CSCO) , I already had a position, it got down to about my basis, so I added to that position," said Guilfoyle. 

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