Aereo Finds Loophole in SCOTUS Ruling, Plans to Continue Streaming

Aereo is making headlines again today.
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Aereo is making headlines again today. The company believes it will be able continue providing service to its customers, despite the Supreme Court's late-June ruling. The video streaming company described itself as everything but a cable company for the purposes of the court case. But, the ruling delivered on June 25th determined that Aereo did in fact violate copyright law by streaming TV network content. The company was forced to suspend service. In a letter to the New York District Court on July 9th, Aereo's Bruce Keller said "...Aereo temporarily suspended its operations...despite the fact that it believes that it can still operate in accordance with the terms of the Supreme Court's decision." Keller also said in the letter that because the court determined that Aereo is QUOTE "substantially similar" to, and has a QUOTE "overwhelming likeness" to a cable system, the company is entitled to a compulsory license under the Copyright Act of 1976. Aereo is filing to obtain this license in order to broadcast content once again.