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A Sneak Peek Inside Jim Cramer's Members-Only Action Alerts PLUS Investing Club

Jim Cramer, TheStreet's Founder and Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager shares a VIP peak inside his members-only call.
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Unless you're new to the game, you've certainly heard Jim Cramer talk about his Action Alerts PLUS investing club and the monthly call the team puts on EVERY month. 

But have you ever wondered what the club is and why Jim holds these calls? As with everything Cramer does, it's all about leveling the playing field and helping you make money. 

 "We do these calls because as a former professional hedge fund manager I always thought that investors had a right to know what went on behind the scenes," Cramer said. 

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He added, "I think communication about what and how we think is at the utmost and the calls are the best place to do it. We are trying to teach you to be a better manager of your own money."

Beyond navigating the ins and outs of the market, the club is all about helping you become the best investor you can be. 

"We want to remind members that real portfolio management is at the heart of what club membership is about. At its core, our service teaches our subscribers what it means to run money, bringing you behind the scenes into not only the "what" of our day-to-day trading, but more importantly, also the "why" with analysis that supports our decisions, helping subscribers make sense of the immense amount of moving pieces day-to-day that help inform any investment decision."

If you haven't joined the club yet, consider this your opportunity. For a limited time, you can save 57% on a membership to Action Alerts PLUS. More information here.