A Look at Waterford's Latest Additions to the Times Square Ball

2,688 Waterford crystal panels adorn New York City's New Year's Eve Ball.
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The first New Year's Eve ball lowering celebration was held in One Times Square in 1907. The ball was constructed of iron and wood, weighed 700 pounds and was covered in 100 light bulbs. Today the ball weighs 11,875 pounds and is covered in 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles illuminated by 32,256 lights. Altogether the ball is capable of more than 16 million colors and billions of patterns that create a kaleidoscope effect over New York City. Master Artisan Tom Brennan takes us through Waterford Crystal's 288 new triangles inspired by the "Gift of Kindness." Previous designs in the 10-year "Greatest Gifts" series include the gifts of wonder, fortitude, and imagination. Each year new intricate designs are added to the ball. This year's design is "a circle of rosettes, symbolizing unity and togetherness, with the fronds reaching out in an expression of kindness."

This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.