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Here's Why Sports Betting Will Take eSports to the Next Level

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With sports betting on the rise in America where does esports fit into the equation?

Zev Fima, a Research Analyst for ActionAlertsPLUS, sat down with Will Hershey, Jens Hilgers, and Murphy Vandervelde, experts in the esports industry, to discuss the exciting opportunity for esports betting and how it will help take esports mainstream.

Here is what they had to say:

  • Jens Hilgers is the CEO and Co-founder of DOJO Madness and a Founding partner of BITKRAFT Esports Ventures the first and largest Gaming and Esports fund in the Western world with over 35 portfolio companies. "We're very excited that in the U.S. we see sports betting getting regulated starting with New Jersey here and a huge market opening up to sports betting and esports betting. In Europe already in traditional sports, a quite substantial part of sponsorship revenue for traditional sports teams come from sports betting and sports betting companies and, if that kind of translates here to the U.S. and we see that translating to esports as well, it's gonna be a huge market."
  • Will Hershey is the Co-founder and CEO of Roundhill Investments, which is focused on developing financial products that offer exposure to investment themes appealing to the next generation of investors "The concept of real time betting, because gaming is within a closed ecosystem, you have the ability, there's only so many possibilities of what can happen within a game, unlike in the NBA where something new happens that you didn't conceive before, because it's within this closed ecosystem you have the ability of having prop bets that are in real time because there's only so many outcomes within the confines of a game."
  •  Murphy Vandervelde is the co-founder and CEO of Helix esports.

"Whoever solves the betting platform, the best betting platform, liquidity in esports betting is the holy grail. You know the one thing I'll add to that however is, and I think people lose sight of this, that there's far more money bet every weekend on golf courses around the U.S. and globally than there is on traditional NFL or NBA game. And I think that's one area that we're focusing on when it comes to this cause there's much bigger players. For us the head to head piece of it I believe is going to be a massive component because like we see today and it's happening online, it's happening in our center. People are like, 'hey, 20 bucks on a game, five bucks here, five,' but there has to be some uniformity. There has to be some kind of indexing."

Check out the video above for more on what has them so excited about the future of esports betting.

And watch the full video for everything you need to know about the future of the video games and esports industry.

Topics of discussion include: What the new NERD esports ETF is and what type of investors its right for, why esports is a type of social media for the new generation of digital natives, how betting will help take esports to the next level, and many other exciting aspects of the industry that will provide lots of investment opportunities.

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