A+ Kids' Toys on Amazon (That Won't Break The Bank)

Your kids shouldn't have all the fun.
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Buying kids toys is a balance of what they want, and what you can tolerate tripping over at 3 a.m. in the morning when they've neglected to put it away. These all toe that line of toys you'll both probably want, so I'll take your thanks in advance. 

Cotton and linen blend Avengers pillowcases with retro-inspired artwork? Sign us up. Buy one for $15 or 2 for $20, they'll look even better in abundance thanks to their cohesive look that lends to an array of characters. 

Form and function combine in this knit hat complete with octopus tentacles. Imagine how cool this would look while sledding or shoveling — but most importantly it's one-size-fits-all, so it'll probably fit you too. Or just spring for a second considering they're $5. 

If you're buying an oven mitt, why not make it a shark oven mitt and make your kitchen more fun? Taking stuff out of the oven with your kid will certainly be less of a chore.

The toy of the year, the app-controlled BB-8 is finally on sale. Pretend like it's their holiday present and have a ball (literally). 

A 4-D gummy bear skeleton kit may seem somewhat morbid at first but who knows, this might be the first step towards your kid's bright future as a surgeon! At 40% off, they won't be cutting into your budget. 

Summer may seem like forever away, but warm weather will be here quicker than you know it. Whet their appetite for warm weather (or just go outside if you live in like, Florida) with these fun floating beverage holders they can use for their sippy cups. And you can happily use with adult beverages for a paltry $10.99 with free shipping. While we're on the subject of pools, why not adorn yours with a badminton/volleyball net? At $50 it's not a bad investment for future afternoons that turn into nights. 

Soothe their fears of the dark and yours of having to get up more than necessary with an ambient unicorn light. In a multitude of colors, it's certainly a magical creature at $16.95 with free shipping. 

What's more important than an alarm clock? A LEGO Star Wars alarm clock. You'll probably want to steal their Darth Vader, Boba Fett or Yoda when they grow out of it, and then they'll promptly take it back. 

Surprise them with a mug that's got more than hot cocoa beneath the surface. This hidden octopus mug is both amusing and aesthetically pleasing thanks to this porcelain mollusk's silhouette.