A Coronavirus Update: 90,000 Cases Worldwide With 100 Cases in United States

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There are now 73 countries with confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

In total, there are over 90,000 cases, with over 3,100 deaths.

The virus has spread to every continent except for Antarctica.

And, in case you missed it, the Federal Reserve--in a shocking move--cut rates by 50 basis points. This was the biggest rate cut since 2008.

South Korea has declared ‘war’ on the virus after the number of cases topped 5,000, which is the highest amount of cases in a country outside of China.

The number of cases topped 100 in the United States, with six deaths.

New York announced its second case of the virus earlier Tuesday.

Iran has reported over 2,300 cases and 77 deaths.

And G-7 leaders met early Tuesday morning to discuss the impact of the coronavirus. 

"Given the potential impacts of COVID-19 on global growth, we reaffirm our commitment to use all appropriate policy tools to achieve strong, sustainable growth and safeguard against downside risks," the statement from the leaders said.

And, finally, the World Health Organization chief warns that we’re in “uncharted territory.”

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