A Breakdown of Volatility's Resurgence in the Markets

Volatility is back according to this financial adviser.
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Are you ready for the return of volatility?

Nicole Webb, financial adviser at Wealth Enhancement Group, broke down what she's watching in the markets.

"We are looking at the return of volatility. So looking back over 2017, not just in the most recent 2018, but 2017 did not experience much volatility. Working with the retail consumer has been interesting to transition back into real volatility in the market," said Webb. "And we do not see that changing in the near term here in 2019. Our biggest goal right now is how do we work with the investor to keep them invested while we are mindful of the backdrop of volatility and its resurgence in the marketplace."

So, what should investors be watching after a week that was mostly a positive one for the markets?

"It's going to be an interesting ride and we don't anticipate that to stop. We have the backdrop of we're unsettled in the political environment, we're unsettled in terms of Brexit. We're unsettled with trade negotiations with China. We're unsettled with whether or not interest rates continue to go up. Do they stay flat? Where are we directionally headed?" She said. "And I think when we look at volatility today it is, is it the end of growth out-performance over value and how do we look and say What are the nimble moves we can make as investors to both stay invested, but look for pockets of where real return may come from as we look forward over the coming quarters."

Webb also broke down the earnings, what's going on in retail and why she doesn't expect an immediate recession. Want to watch the full interview? You can watch it here