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8 Luxury Items Only the Super Rich Could or Would Buy

With the Number of Billionaires growing worldwide, a market for insanely lavish goods may also be expanding.

565 billionaires call the U.S. home. That is nearly double the amount living in China (319). Here are some frivolous examples of how the world's super rich can flaunt their wealth. 

Gold-and-diamond domino set Montegrappa - $175,253

Ultimate Centennial Dragon Pen - $1 million

Kalfin Black Diamond Pacifier - $50,000

Gold toilet paper - $1.6 million

Suommo bassinet - $47,928.45

Perceval Meteor with Moretti blade and Imilac Meteorite handle - $67,000

Crocodile-skin umbrella - $50,000

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