Its graduation season!

And whether your loved one is graduating from college or kindergarten, maybe consider forgoing the cheesy "You Did It" statue and consider some smart gifts that can set them up financially. 

If you're little ones are graduating from kindergarten or grammar school and they don't have 529 plans set up in their names - that is your gift!!!

Open one and start funding!!!  But maybe consider giving them a bag of candy or something with the card that tells them you opened one since they probably won't appreciate it all right now.

Your High School grad on the other hand does not need another college hoodie. Consider getting them shares of stock in a favorite company - like Apple (AAPL - Get Report) , Nike (NKE - Get Report) or Google (GOOGL - Get Report) - or some shares in a index based ETF or mutual fund.

And there are a ton of good options for your college grad.

So watch the video above for more great ideas to help start your grads off right!

But all this will help them learn the power of investing in the market. 

So make some financial gifts this season, your grads -- eventually -- will thank you.