60 Second Tips: Get the Hottest Restaurant Reservations

One word of advice, be a good guest!
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Remember to tip.... Everyone! If you enjoyed your meal, let the servers know and it will help grease the wheels for next time.
Don't forget that cash is king. If throwing around money isn't our style or it isn't in your budget, stop in for coffee or a have a drink and be a good guest. Once they get to know how fabulous you are they will be way more inclined to get you that great table.

Put your name on the waitlist and hope someone's babysitter bags.

Also, check back on Thursdays. That's the day restaurants call to confirm their weekend reservations and you know someone won't be able to make it.Go online! Reservation apps like

Go online! Reservation apps like Opentable and Resy are great but check with the restaurant to see which one they have a relationship with. If you can't get that table online, call the restaurant back and see if they are holding some of their tables back.

You can do good and eat good at the same time, charity and auction sites often have those coveted restaurant reservations donated by others.

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