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5 Ways To Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad

Know where you're going and be aware of the risks.

In light of recent terrorist attacks across the globe, the rational response is to worry about traveling abroad. While the chances of your getting caught in the midst of a terrorist attack are thankfully pretty slim, there are other measures you should take to protect yourself and loved ones. Not to mention your belongings and personal information. 

5. Don't look checked out
If you're aware of your surroundings you're much less likely to be robbed or targeted. 

4. Watch for surveillance
Criminals will almost always check out their targets first.

3. East Asia: Protect your information
One of the chief dangers is to your personal information and identity.

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2. South America: Watch for street crime
Pickpockets, thieves, even the occasional violent robber do target tourists.

1. Europe: The politics of terror & immigration 
Be aware of your situation and don't take safety for granted. 

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