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5 Things You Didn't Know About Uber

Surprise, former CEO Travis Kalanick was a college dropout.

Uber has had their fair share of press, both good and bad. Here are five things you may not have known about the popular ride hailing app. 

1. You can now order an Uber for someone else who doesn't even have the app. When you select a ride in the Uber app, it asks if the ride is for you or someone else, which is helpful if the other person doesn't have a smartphone. The person who requests the Uber pays for it unless the Uber in that area can accept cash. 

2. They can charge you extra in cleaning fees without contacting you first. A woman in Ottawa, Canada was charged $150 in cleaning and time fees because the driver claimed she urinated in the car and sent a photo of a wet seat to Uber. This isn't the first instance of this happening, according to CBC News.

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3. The former CEO, Travis Kalanick, dropped out of college at the University of California to pursue another sharing company that went bankrupt after it was sued. Uber is clearly more successful. 

4. There are so many more Ubers than yellow taxis that the price of taxi medallions has dropped dramatically ( they peaked at over $1 million in 2013). NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio said earlier this year that he wouldn't bail out the yellow-cab industry because they should learn to adapt. 

5. Uber Freight, which is essentially Uber for trucking is coming. However, unlike the ride hailing service, it will be business to business

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