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5 Things to Know About Bernie Sanders

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has been in politics for 40 years and is once again making his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

Throughout his decades in the House and Senate, many of his policies to improve economic equality and working people's rights have been incorporated into the Democratic Party's platform.

 Many have written him off because of his age and recent medical crisis, but he seems to have come back even stronger as the top campaign fundraiser of all the Democratic candidates for the third quarter of this year and promises a powerful year end total.

 He has consistently polled among the top three candidates in the 2020 campaign and has had over 3.3 million individual contributors to his presidential bid to date.

  While there is a lot that is known about Sanders because of his longevity, there have been surprisingly no substantial scandals, a rarity in a political figure. 

Watch the video above to catch a few of the most important things to know about Sanders' storied political career.

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