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5 Things on the Menu at Jollibee, the McDonald's of the Philippines

Take a look at some of the most popular menu items at Jollibee.
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With Jollibee (JBFCY) reportedly making a bid for British sandwich shop Pret a Manger, we decided to take a look at the fast food establishment that has built a reputation as the "McDonald's (MCD) of the Philippines." 

While the chain is one of the best known in the Philippines with nearly 750 stores, it's less present internationally with a few outlets in California and one location in New York City.

It began as an ice cream parlor in the 1970s and has since expanded rapidly to a market cap of $5.2 billion. Jollibee is no stranger to making big purchases, having recently bought a 40 percent stake in Denver-based burger chain Smashburger in 2015. 

Jollibee has built an incredibly loyal Filipino fan base with a menu dominated by burgers, fried chicken and even spaghetti. We took a look at some of the chain's most popular menu items, and frankly, we got a little hungry. 

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Editors' pick: Originally published Sept. 19.