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5 Corporate Videos You Unfortunately Can't Un-See

Velcro just joined a long list of corporations pushing out content we wish we never watched.
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Sometimes a company's stock performance isn't the only thing makes us cringe. Whether commemorating an event, sharing a new initiative or simply trying to convey information to employees, more than one company has pushed out content that they and we wish we could un-see. 

Velcro is the most recent to join the list with a video of its lawyers singing the importance of properly using the company's trademark because who doesn't love legal lingo conveyed musically? Unfortunately, it's far from the only time the joke just fell flat. 

While some of the content was meant for internal audience rather than a mass audience, Microsoft (MSFT) , Alibaba (BABA) and Bank of America (BAC) have all done things we all wish we could forget. 

Unless you're interested in seeing a very excited ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer or a costumed and dancing Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, we suggest you save yourself the insanity and check out one of our other videos: