Whether you have an established business or you're a budding entrepreneur, most of us could use help establishing our personal brands. 

Your personal brand reflects what you and your company value and care about. So whether you want to establish yourself as a leader in your industry or attract new clients or employees, people need to understand your brand.

And differentiating yourself and positioning yourself in a unique way is a key way to do just that.

So we performed our own case study.  We found Nieyma Siu, a working model and a mother of two young kids, who's been struggling to keep her career relevant and increase her exposure. And then we brought in Meisa Bonelli, senior tax professional of millennial tax and managing partner of 5th Avenue Associates (which is for high net-worth individuals), who offered some great suggestions about thinking globally and following your heart.

So watch our video above and apply the lessons learned to improve your current status. 

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