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3 Things Investors Can Do to Stay Strategic When the Market's Volatile

Here's how investors can stay tactical when the market's volatile.

Worried about a volatile market?

After the Dow fell over 800 points in a single day, some investors may feel timid about putting money into this market. Especially after the Dow shot up over 250 points in morning trading on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Jim Cramer has said that the market is cyclical and given his advice in his morning interviews, which go live on Facebook at 10 a.m. ET. 

Here are some sound pieces of advice from experts. 

TheStreet Recommends

During a Trading Strategies panel, sponsored by Charles Schwab, Real Money contributor Stephen Guilfoyle bulleted out advice for investors attempting to stay on top of this market. 

Separate Accounts

"All right, I want you to separate, if you only have one retail trading account, why not think of having two or three," said Guilfoyle. "Or if you just do it on paper and keep the account on one place, but you got to put a post-it note over the P&L so you don't look at it all the time."

Write Mission Statements

"I want you to write mission statements, have target prices and panic points, and think about everything you're doing, and if you can't think about everything you're doing, it's time to let somebody else trade for you, but if this is your game," Guilfoyle stressed. "If you either do this for a living or this is the most important hobby you have, then you have to take it that seriously."

Be Tactical!

Another panel member, Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist for Invesco, added in some more advice for investors.  

"This is a time to be a tactical investor, I can't stress that enough. What we are likely to see is rotations and leadership that are relatively swift, think about the trade this summer, or that presumption that US stocks would perform better, and they did, because the US would win the trade war, think we're going to go through a series of different assumptions about who the winners will be in trade wars, as well as who the winners will be depending upon midterm elections, there are a lot of different catalysts that could change the leadership and stocks," said Hooper. "So I would again say that be ready to be tactical, I'm opportunistic, there are a lot of opportunities out there, don't be scared by sell-offs, view them again as stocks on sale."

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