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3 Quick Tips for Investors in a Volatile Market

A trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange breaks down his tips for investors.

Worried about the markets?

Experts weigh in on how to handle such a volatile market. 

Kenny Polcari, director at O'Neil Securities, gives three tips for investors who are anxious about the state of the market.

Stay Clear and Level-Headed 

That's the first rule of thumb, according to Polcari. 

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Don't panic. Which, funny enough, is the same advice Jim Cramer's been giving investors throughout this market sell-off. 

Look at the Names in Your Portfolio

Take a look. How are those companies doing?

Reconsider Your Positions

Polcari says that it's important to re-assess companies, especially after earnings. 

You can find the full interview with Polcari here