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Add This Often-Forgotten Task to Your 2020 Financial To-Do List

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You likely have already created your financial to-list for the year. And if you’re like most people your list likely includes: pay down debt and save more for retirement. But there’s a lesser-known but equally important task that you should add to your list: Check your Social Security Statement.

To do, you’ll have to sign in to your personal “My Social Security” account.There, you can review personal estimates of future Social Security benefits based on your real earnings and review your earnings history.

What to look for? Well, it’s especially important that you review your earnings record for missing years and mistakes. Missing years and/or mistakes may reduce your Social Security benefit. And you wouldn’t want to receive less from Uncle Sam than what you are owed. So, if you discover errors and/or mistakes, contact Social Security.

For more, read How to Correct Your Social Security Earnings Record.

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