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2015 401k Limits and Other Numbers That Will Impact Your Wallet

A new year is upon us, and 2015 has plenty in store for your wallet.

A new year is upon us, and 2015 has plenty in store for your wallet. Relatively good news for your retirement goals this year: you can stash away a little extra in your 401k plan. The 2015 401k limit will be $18,000, up slightly from last year. And if you're 50 or over you can add an extra $6,000 as a catch up contribution. 529 college funds will remain a priority, as the cost to attend an in-state public university for children born in 2015 will be $94,800. Another important thing to keep on your radar this year: how to prevent identity theft. Banks will focus more money than ever to minimize the risk. On an individual level, the average cost of identity theft is $1,500, so it's important to stay vigilant. Monitor your credit score for free with a service like Credit Sesame. Speaking of free, more and more companies are rolling out no fee financial products in 2015. The new Robinhood app allows you to trade stocks without paying a commission, and Schwab intelligent portfolios will manage your investments without charging an advisory fee. Eliminating financial fees from your life means more money to put toward your 401k plan and 529 fund this year. Happy prosperous new year.

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