Annie Duke, former World Series of Poker champion, references a bit from comedian Jerry Seinfeld to explain how to save for retirement. And, as with many things from the legendary observational comic, it makes perfect sense.

In Seinfeld's "Night Guy-Morning Guy" skit, Night Guy stays up late, to the detriment of Morning Guy, who has to get up in the morning and function well, Duke told TheStreet on Friday.

In planning her own retirement, Duke says she had to think about what the "75-year-old Annie" will need, instead of bowing to a desire now, more than 20 years earlier, to spring for a Lamborghini, for instance, or some other luxury item. Some of that involves setting up safeguards that guarantee retirement money is put away, such as automatic deposits into an account. It doesn't mean, she said, that she won't bend to a desire for quick gratification at some time, but it will be harder to undo if systems are in place for savings.

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