#AlphaRising just can't get enough of International Women's Day, so we continue to highlight the amazing women who are changing the world.

Is it a bird or a plane? Nope. It's a Fox. And she is all the way up!

Ashley M. Fox is well on her way to achieving he dreams. But the 29 year old knows how it feels to have financial freedom, lose it, then get it back and more.

The founder and financial education specialist of EMPIFY, Fox teaches grade-school students how to build wealth in Philadelphia, Pa. and The Bronx, NY. She has also traveled to Morocco to teach money saving and spending tips -- the start of an international power house.

Fox shares with TheStreet how she depleted her $30,000 in savings and investment accounts, and ended up moving back home with her parents -- she simply could not pay her bills. That was four years ago, when EMPIFY was a start-up.

Now 29, Fox has a beautiful two bedroom, two bathroom apartment, and can look back at the setback with humbling gratitude. It was at her lowest that she learned life's biggest lessons. It is also when she learned her true calling.

After she could not pay her bill for the first time in life, she began to understand the struggles of the less fortunate. Now, rather than helping millionaires become billionaires, she focuses her energy on building wealth in the low-income communities.

To learn more of best saving, investing and spending habits this millennial has to share, check out her video with TheStreet for more insightful lessons on how to save and spend wisely.

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