Yellow Tail is back as the only wine company to have a commercial during the Super Bowl.

Actually last year, the Australian wine company was the first wine advertised on the Super Bowl in almost 40 years!

We spent time with Tom Steffanci, President of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, which imports the wines, and he told us why the company decided to spend millions on a Super Bowl ad.

And it really is millions because they can just advertise nationally like everyone else.

Anheuser-Busch (BUD) has exclusive category commercial rights on the Super Bowl, meaning no other alcohol ads can air.

So they created a work-around. Yellow Tail (stylized as [yellow tail] went out and bought local ad buys in 80 U.S. markets to get its Super Bowl commercial on during the game so most America can see it, says Steffanci.

And that costs way more than the $5 million that companies like PepsiCo (PEP - Get Report) , Yum! Brands (YUM - Get Report) and Toyota (TM - Get Report) are paying for 30 seconds of air time.

Not to mention, [yellow tail] still will only reach 90% of the audience, he says.

"We're not sure why AB sees [yellow tail] or any wine as a competitor, we don't see their brands as competitors, we think wine and beer can both live in harmony at the same Super Bowl party fulfilling the needs of all the adult guests."

Us too.

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