The pressure is on for President Donald Trump in his first State of the Union address Tuesday evening. Here are the top things to keep in mind as all eyes turn to Capitol Hill.

First -- President Trump will look to bolster his approval rating. According to opinion pollster site Five Thirty Eight, Trump is working with a 39% approval rating. When Barack Obama gave his first State of the Union, he had a 49% approval rating, and for George W. Bush, it was 84%.

Second -- More on the strong economy. Trump will likely tout strong employment figures and the booming stock market in a sort of victory lap in this address. Also on Trump's agenda is likely to be a recap of his big win in 2017 - tax reform.

Third -- Look for more on immigration and border security, specifically focused on DACA and the Dreamers. Trump is widely expected to utilize this address as a sales pitch of sorts to sell Democrats on the immigration plan he proposed in Congress last week.

Fourth -- Trump should go into detail on his plan to upgrade infrastructure. Senior officials have said Trump will spend a large portion of the address outlining his more than trillion-dollar plan to rebuild the country's roads, bridges and transit system.

Fifth -- Be on the lookout for some stage-setting ahead of midterm elections this fall. While we might not see many specific calls to action here, Trump will likely argue the case that America under GOP leadership has been prosperous and would continue to do so with more Republican leadership come the fall.

The theme of the hour-long address? "Building a safe, strong and proud America."


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