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Back in 2002, when Liz Ann Sonders first started out in the financial services, she was asked to appear on Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser. And Rukeyser gave her some advice for her first TV appearance. He suggested that when she said something, she make sure that her parents, who were not in the financial services business, could understand it.

And that advice has stayed with her. Not only did she continue to be a regular on the show, along with other Wall Street legends, like Abby Joseph Cohen of Goldman Sachs (GS - Get Report) and Mary Farrell, who led equity research at UBS (UBS - Get Report) , but her down-to earth approach has led her to become one of the powerful female voices in the industry today.

"I'm so turned off listening to somebody who's number one goal is to sound like the smartest person in the room," she says after 31 years in the business.

Us too.

"We have an obligation to teach."

And that she is what she does. Every day. As the Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Scwhab (SCHW - Get Report) , a predominate part of her role is to educate.

And encouraging more women to invest is on the top of her list these days.

She also knows that this is an advisory problem. With over 50% of household wealth being controlled by women, she is keenly aware that the industry must catch up.

"We need more female advisors...because many women like to work with other women."

So watch the video above and hear her thoughts on how to change that. And then listen to our full conversation where we talk about everything from getting more women to invest, to the benefits of roboadvisors, to what she really thinks of bitcoin.

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