When American journalist Charles Dow first devised the Dow Jones Industrial Average back in 1896, GE (GE - Get Report) was among the 12 stocks Dow chose to gauge the overall health of the market. Come 2018, though it has been removed twice in the past, GE is the last of those original components to maintain a spot on the index, which has since grown to include 30 companies.

Through M&A, consolidation or simply changing market trends, these household names of 1896 no longer hold a place in the Dow:

  1. American Cotton Oil Company
  2. American Sugar Company
  3. American Tobacco Company
  4. Chicago Gas Company
  5. Distilling & Cattle Feeding Company
  6. Laclede Gas Company
  7. National Lead Company
  8. North American Company
  9. Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company
  10. U.S. Leather Company
  11. United States Rubber Company

Is Ge on the road to joining the list?

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Editors' Pick: Originally published on November 14, 2017.