Bob Powell and Jon Gassman, Founder of The Gassman Financial Group sat down to talk year-end tax planning because, yes, it is that time of year.
And with the S&P 500 up over 9% YTD and the current political environment, you probably have some tax planning.

  • Powell and Gassman discuss a few great tips in the video above.

For instance, mutual fund holders probably are going to see some sizable capital gain distributions since the market did so well this year, so prepare for some capital gains.

Big tip: Don't buy any mutual funds between now and the end of year because you'll still owe tax on those distributions without having the benefit of year long the gains.

And with all the talk of the tax rates changes, should you defer income? Or prepay some expenses before the end of the year?

So be sure to listen to the whole podcast for more tips here

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