We asked folks what it was like to live through the Black Monday Crash. 30 years later their stories shed light on a frightening moment for the markets and investors around the world.

Jim Cramer spoke about hearing about warning signs and moving his clients into cash. While they were largely unscathed, Cramer recalled the what is now known as Terrible Tuesday and no one knew the value of their portfolios.

Peter Schiff spoke about writing a letter to then Fed Chairman Allen Greenspan, who wrote back. 

TheStreet Inc.'s (TST) CEO Dave Callaway recalled being a cub reporter in Boston and understanding the enormity of the day.

Jack Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group, told TheStreet's Anders Keitz about how he was personally answering phone calls from concerned clients including one woman who maintained her sense of humor.

Steven Guilfoyle and David Yoe Williams shared their experiences in the chaos of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor as the crash went down.

Crash of '87 - TheStreet Special Report
Originally published Oct. 19.