Who doesn't like a good scare? You've undoubtedly heard of all of these classic and recent horror movies, whether it's a creepy clown or apocalyptic nightmare. 

5. Jaws 
The 1975 classic grossed $470,653,000. It probably needed a bigger boat to hold all that cash. 

4. I Am Legend 
Will Smith's 2007 venture in a post-apocalyptic world earned $585,349,010. 

3. War of The Worlds 
A circa 2005 Tom Cruise takes on the task of heroic Dad during an alien invasion, helping rake in $591,745,540.

2. It 
The newest adaptation of Stephen King's 'It' with Bill Skarsgard nailed $630,629,521.

1. The Sixth Sense 
Haley Joel Osmont saw dead people, the box office saw $672,806,292 in 1999. 

Info via BoxOfficeMojo.com

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