Forty-nine years with the New York Yankees convinced trainer Gene Monahan of one thing.

"They [the Yankees] are a wild bunch," Monahan told TheStreet on Tuesday, Sept. 26, at an event for Conair, of which he is a spokesman. "What makes them great is they are a wild bunch of young people."

The Yankees just beat the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS and are getting ready to take on the Houston Astros.

"I think they are going to do very well," added Monahan, who has seven World Series rings, a testament to the powerhouse that is the Yankees. He was wearing one of the diamond-encrusted rings on Tuesday.

"It's a young team. They have their veterans, which are great," he said. "If they get off to a good start and win that first wild-card playoff game and get their pitching ready, they're going to be hard to beat."

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