Two of Britain's most well-known billionaires have gone head to head over the impact of Brexit on the nation's businesses.

Virgin's (VA) Richard Branson used an interview with The Sunday Times to publicly express his negative opinion of Brexit, stating that it is "the worst thing that's happened to Britain" in his lifetime. The entrepreneur claimed that Brexit has cost his business "tens of millions of pounds". The businessman's reasoning behind the financial impact of Brexit was the reduced spending power of Brits as the pound loses its value.

In contrast, the founder of Dyson used an appearance on the BBC's Today Programme to state his belief that the uncertainty sparked by the Brexit process will actually create an "opportunity" for companies. The entrepreneur's optimistic remarks came after Dyson established an institute of technology in association with the University of Warwick. The company hopes the move will address the lack of U.K. graduated in science, technology, and engineering.