You work hard for your money and your money should be working hard for you. But if you're just starting a career, you're probably more concerned about making ends meet rather than jumping into the stock market.

Stop the excuses!

You don't need a ton of money when you have something more valuable -- time! The math here is simple. Let's just say that you're a 22-year-old making $35,000 a year.

If you put 10% of your salary into a 401(k), you'll end up with $1.1 million by the time you are 65, according to an online 401(k) calculator. That assumes just a 2% annual raise each year and if your employer contributes nothing to your 401(k). Many employers do contribute -- that's free money. 

That way, You can buy all the avocado toast you want.

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 Editors' pick: Originally published Sept. 22.