We dived into the black hole that is the Internet and found some of the weirdest places you can throw your money. 


"The first Kosher cryptocurrency" targets the international Jewish community and will be operated by a "Council of Six," consisting of high-profile Jewish representatives. 


Burger King launched its own cryptocurrency to reward customers for purchases of its iconic Whopper, but for now it's only available in Russia, CNBC reported.


Targeting the cannabis community, PotCoin claims to be a banking solution for the legal global marijuana industry. According to CNN, it gained attention after backing one of Dennis Rodman's latest trips to North Korea. 


What began as a meme is now a widely popular cryptocurrency, which prides itself in its "vibrant community made up of friendly folks just like you."


The cryptocurrency aims to integrate with President Trump's agenda to help "Make America Great Again," with its website listing causes including rebuilding infrastructure and securing borders. 

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