If wedding bells are ringing, then there is a long list of financial questions you should be asking.

Give me 60 seconds before tying the knot.

Now, "What's your credit score" might not be the best pick-up line. So, now's the time to ask it!
Their credit problems are about to become your credit problems.

Don't expect perfection, you should just expect honesty.
Don't start this lifelong commitment with an unpleasant credit surprise.

And How 'bout that Health Plan? If your partner's is better than yours, it may make sense to hop on

If your partner has kids from a previous relationship - make sure you know who's Paying for for them. God love them, they don't come don't come cheap.

Now you don't necessarily share everything in marriage.
Separate accounts are fine, but you should consider creating a house fund.
That's a joint account that could be used to pay the bills, save for that dream home or even some kids.

Now, I've gotta ask... How are your finances?
If they are not great, now's the time to get them sorted out.

Marriage is an exciting adventure. Just make sure you want to walk down that aisle with your eyes wide open.

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Editor's pick: Originally published 7/20/17