College costs more than ever, so give me 60 seconds to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment.

Now, you don't need me to tell you that accounting majors have an easier time finding jobs than mythology majors, but there is more to consider when it comes to picking the right major.

First, remember this guideline.
Don't take on more college debt than the first year of salary.

So if your kid wants to be a teacher and will only be making $40,000, don't invest $200,000 in their education.

Now, it shouldn't surprise you that the STEM subjects - Science, Technology Engineering and Math - are clear winners.
That's especially true for girls - so if your daughter is interested in any of those fields, her job opportunities are even greater.

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While choosing a major is majorly important, that is not the only factor here.
Thankfully tons of colleges have heard parents' concerns and have amped up their career placement services.
So, make sure YOUR kid takes full advantage.

Let's remember, at the end of the day -- your college investment is about more than numbers.
Your kid needs to find a major that actually interests them if they want to be truly successful.

So check out my column for some of a closer look at the most lucrative majors.

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