Apple  (AAPL - Get Report) grew to a nearly trillion-dollar behemoth by selling one hit product after another. But lets not forget the spectacular failures in there. It's too soon to say which category the Homepod will fit into, but there is no mistaking the giant U-turn Apple made after releasing its last dedicated speaker, the iPod hi-fi. While Apple touted iPod compatibility and audiophile-approved sound, it couldn't compete on price with competitors like Bose.

The iPhone camera is one of the most popular cameras on earth. In 1994, you had one digital photo option... Apple's QuickTake, the first consumer digital camera ever developed with Kodak. But with a bulky design and a $749 price, it failed to catch fire and was pulled after 3 years.

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In the 1990's it was hard to imagine a future where watching TV on a computer was the norm. But Apple gave us a glimpse of that with Macintosh TV. The all-in-one device cost over $2,000 and people weren't buying. Only 10,000 were made and it was discontinued four months after its release.

Let's not forget some of Apple's design missteps, starting with the 20th anniversary Macintosh. It featured built TV and FM tuners along with a Bose subwoofer. Few could afford the $75,000 and few were made... just 12,000 before getting yanked from the market.

Then there was the G4 power cube looked great, but those looks come at a price.It was $200 more expensive than the tower version of the same computer with the exact same specs.

And the original iMac's design triumph was nearly undone by some very regrettable color choices. Luckily hues like Bondi Blue, Dalmation blue and flower power landed on the trash heap of Apple's history where they belong.

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Editors' Pick: Originally published on June 11, 2017. 

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